strauss 1. June 2021


In order to meet the principles and legal requirements for combating the corona pandemic, we also offer the option of working from home. Otherwise, all requirements for infection-free working in the office have been implemented to the best of our knowledge and belief.
Visits have been reduced to a minimum and only take place if there is no other option. Our own visits to customers have been completely suspended until further notice. The option of discussions/negotiations using media alternatives such as Teams, Zoom etc. is possible at any time.
Sufficient rapid testing is available in-house and staff have been trained accordingly. Meetings with each other, if necessary, have been moved into the open air and contact with third parties, freight forwarders, parcel deliverers, etc. is carried out, as required by law, at a minimum distance and with masks being worn.
We are working at full strength as usual and there is no reduction in quality despite the pandemic.