about us

Our objectives – our journey
We see ourselves as an intermediary between the customer’s requests or requirements and technical feasibility in terms of manufacturing. We listen carefully to our customers and try to interact as problem solvers. We want to find new technical solutions together and promote them exclusively. Of course, we are well stocked when it comes to popular varieties so that we can also offer deliveries at short notice in this respect. We are happy to talk about quantity contracts.
Our team
Inhaber, Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter

Stefan Mäder

managing partner

fone +49(0)2162 95480-0


Tanja Heimlich

Authorised signatory

at Strauss since 2014
purchasing, sales, scheduling, import-export processing
fone +49(0)2162 95480-12


Jörg Leenen

Authorised signatory

at Strauss since 2000
material planning, logistics,
QMB for ISO 9001; QMB for FSC
Telefon +49(0)2162 95480-14


Rudi Engbrocks

Warehouse foreman

at Strauss since 1999
loading and unloading goods, order picking



Company dog

at Strauss since 2019

Our history
  • 1883
    Company founded as a general partnership by Reinhard Strauss in Chrimmitschau, Saxony

    as a wholesaler for natural fibres and waste from spinning mills

  • 1938
    Company acquired by by Albrecht Ley

  • 1949
    Investment by Hellmuth Mäder in the company

    Headquarters relocated to Eschwege

  • 1959
    Relocation to the current company headquarters in Viersen-Dülken

  • 1965
    Investment by Alfred Mäder in the company

    Inclusion of man-made fibres in the product portfolio

  • 1967
    Arrival of Christian Ley as a personally liable partner

  • 1981
    Christian Ley acquires the shares of the late Albrecht Ley

  • 1990
    Arrival of Stefan Mäder as a personally liable partner

  • 1994
    Transfer of half the company shares from Alfred Mäder to Stefan Mäder

  • 1998
    Transfer of the remaining shares of the retired Alfred Mäder to Stefan Mäder

  • 2000
    Sale of the shares held by Christian Ley to Stefan Mäder and retirement of Christian Ley from the company

  • 2007
    Conversion of the company into a GmbH & Co. KG