strauss 25. August 2023


The demand for wood, paper and other forest products sourced from well-managed forests continues to grow. Consumers and business partners want assurance that your products come from responsibly managed sources that limit their damage to the forest environment and forest-dependent indigenous communities. Your business must also prove that your goods come exclusively from legal sources as required by the EU Timber Regulation, the Lacey Act in the U.S., or similar legislative requirements. The Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC) is a nonprofit organisation that set standards for forestry practices with the aim of promoting environmentally responsible and socially beneficial forestry. Wood products such as furniture can be labelled as FSC certified if they meet the high standards set by the organisation. To be certified, the flow of the wood material – from the forest to the customer – must be monitored to demonstrate its origins. This evidence is known as Chain of Custody (CoC). This assures customers that your company only uses legal sources and responsibly managed forests for its material. It enables you to offer your customers better value in terms of origin of material and promotion of responsible forestry. By using FSC™ material, you can also open up new business opportunities for your company in markets requiring the certification.